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Corporate governance is everyone’s business, GGI is here to make governance accessible to all.

For most Australian businesses, good quality corporate governance education has been out of reach. Today Global Governance Initiative (GGI) launched and, with a determined focus on removing barriers, is offering engaging, practical and accessible governance education for today’s director . This is great news for the 90% of Australian businesses that currently have no formal governance program in place


Good Governance

“With greater awareness generated by the Banking Royal Commission and the recent scalps claimed at the top end of town, corporate governance is being talked about in boardrooms and management meetings across the country at an unprecedented rate – and rightly so,” said GGI Founder and Managing Director Brad Sherringham, former CFO and Commercial General Manager of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. “There is now a very strong understanding of the important role of governance and the impact it has on employee conduct, customer experience and business performance.”

“Despite this, 90% of Australian businesses have no formal governance program in place, many citing high course fees and time commitments as barriers to entry. GGI was founded on the idea that if we remove those barriers and make governance accessible to all, it would benefit business, employees and society in general.”

Access to Good Governance Resources

After drawing together the most respected and experienced governance leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, GGI launched this week with a simple purpose: To ensure all companies, regardless of size or financial ability, have access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance.

GGI offers a range of resources including articles, how-to’s, case studies and podcasts – with its complimentary and low cost e-learning suite of courses available online now, with more on the way.

Anyone who is interested in good governance or driving better business outcomes is invited to access the complimentary tools available and become part of the GGI community.

The complimentary course ‘Governance and You’ is available now by clicking here.

View Governex, GGI’s full suite of courses here

GGI’s purpose: To ensure all businesses, regardless of size or financial ability, have access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance. 


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