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Purpose of GGI

Our Purpose

“To ensure every business, regardless of size or financial ability, has access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance.”

The Global Governance Initiative was formed in 2017. At our core is the powerful purpose “To ensure every business, regardless of size or financial ability, has access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance.

We believe in the power of good governance.
We also believe that for the greatest good, governance knowledge and tools need to be accessible and available to all.

We are about making a difference by sharing knowledge, demystifying corporate governance and opening the doors to the boardroom – we call this ‘The Initiative’.

The Initiative

Our team has taken a new approach to corporate governance, committing to empower individuals with the knowledge, tools and confidence to make a difference to their organisation. We call it ‘The Initiative’.

The Initiative

We believe that for organisations to thrive in an environment of increased scrutiny and accountability, corporate governance knowledge must be accessible to all.

The Initiative

We believe that sharing this knowledge will lift the quality of business, government and not for profit sectors wherever we operate to drive strategy and performance.

The Initiative

We commit to the success of the GGI community by being there to help drive performance through clear actions and practical outcomes.

The Initiative

We commit to changing the face of corporate governance education in Australia by making leading governance knowledge and tools accessible to all.

Over the next few months keep in touch as we launch products, tools and resources.

A new approach to governance

A New Approach

Real-life Governance

We believe in applied governance learning: real-life ideas, situations and solutions. Governance shouldn’t be a mystery known to a select few. It’s something you do, hands-on, every day.

Leading Practices in Corporate Governance

Leading practices and thought leadership are at the core of our thinking. It is essential for you and your colleagues to understand how to implement, influence and contribute to leading corporate governance practices in your organisation.

By understanding how to use leading practices in governance you can lift the relationship your organisation has with all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, customers and the community.

Good corporate governance – it’s good for you and good for all.

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A new approach to governance

Behind the Corporate Governance Movement


The GGI Corporate Governance Team

Global Governance Initiative (GGI) is a collaborative movement, drawing together some of Australia’s most respected and influential corporate governance professionals and facilitators.

GGI’s founder is Brad Sherringham, former Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

After years of experience in corporate governance education, Brad’s inspiration for GGI came from his awareness that for businesses to reach their potential, governance had to be practical, applied and widely accessible.

Brad knew he wanted to bring the best people with him as partners on the journey. He has partnered with Thoughtpost Governance and Bravo Consulting. Their knowledge of governance and directorship from the Australasian region is extensive.These two organisations have been at the top of their game for over a decade. Thoughtpost and Bravo are responsible for the course content and governance perspectives.

Brad is joined by operations specialist Carmen Izurieta, who brings with her 15 years of course development and delivery experience at the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Her rich knowledge of operational excellence in education can be seen in our courses, that have been developed in conjunction with a team of Australia’s leading governance commentators and facilitators.

Together, Brad and Carmen have over 20 years of experience in corporate governance leadership. They head-up a team of unsurpassed governance facilitators, researchers, commentators and educators, who are united by their recognition that the governance model in Australia needs to change to empower Australian businesses to be stronger, better and more sustainable.

Meet Our Team


Brad Sherringham (BComm, CPA)

Brad Sherringham (BComm, CPA)

Founder and Managing Director

A proven and successful leader, Brad’s strong business acumen is balanced by his down to earth approach and dedication to supporting the performance of all businesses and those around him through good governance.

In his tenure as CFO and General Manager of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Brad’s passion for strong governance saw him involved in cultural change initiatives, development and implementation of strategy, IT transformations – always with an unwavering commitment to the best outcomes for his teams and customers.

It was here that he was inspired to develop a new, customer-centred model of governance education that would open the doors and make good governance accessible to all.

Carmen Izurieta

Carmen Izurieta


Carmen is a seasoned leader with over 15 years experience in corporate governance. Carmen has the unique ability to develop and operationalise strategy that delivers tangible and effective business outcomes.

With senior experience in tertiary institutions and the NFP sectors, Carmen is a highly regarded executive having spent several years at the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Carmen was instrumental in the development of the Corporate Governance Framework and the Governance Leadership Centre during her tenure at AICD. Carmen is currently General Manager, Corporate Services at the Australian Dental Association where she leads IT, Finance, Risk, Governance and HR for the organisation.

Grae Crooks

Grae Crooks

Customer Experience Specialist

For over 20 years Grae’s focus has been ‘the customer’ and facilitating customer experiences that align with, or exceed, customers’ own expectations and goals.

Grae’s experience in developing and delivering needs-based training solutions will see him working with GGI customers to understand their governance needs and identify the best solutions for their business. His part on the team ensures that GGI will remain customer-centric and committed to developing the products that our customers will need to learn now and support their future growth.

Alex Aidar

Alex Aidar

Chief Information Officer

Alex is committed to providing engaging tools that support an exceptional user experience – both on your screen and behind the scenes.

During his tenure at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Alex was involved in initiatives in areas including customer experience, marketing automation and business intelligence.

Alex is excited to be part of the GGI governance movement that is making leading governance accessible to all individuals and organisations.

Janine Sherringham (BA, MMktgComms)

Janine Sherringham (BA, MMktgComms)

Head of Communications

An experienced communications professional, Janine has worked in senior roles supporting high profile leaders in construction and finance for over 20 years.

She believes in the benefits of communicating and connecting across all levels of an organisation, the power of connecting employees to strategy and purpose, and is committed to supporting a broader, better understanding of governance by ensuring GGI content is straight-forward and communicated clearly.

Janine works with the GGI team to bring you the latest in original content as well as specially curated articles and resources.

Meet Our Partners


Andrew Donovan

Andrew Donovan

Managing Director Thoughtpost Governance

Andrew is a trusted Board Adviser, Non-Executive Director and educator. Andrew’s focus is on purpose driven, high impact Boards and Directors. He is the founder of Thoughtpost Governance, whose elite team of consultants specialise in supporting Boards in the mutual and cooperatives, not-for-profit, public entity and family business sectors.

Governance Thought Post
Dale Simpson

Dale Simpson

Managing Director Bravo Consulting

Dale is the founder and Managing Director of several firms specialising in performance, leadership and career management. He and his team have a passion for, and a wealth of experience in, delivering leading edge programs for people who want to achieve their best.


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