23 October 2019

GGI partners with DeakinCo. to offer credentials to support business success

Global Governance Initiative (GGI) in partnership with DeakinCo. is excited to launch Australia’s first – and only – suite of credentials in Governance Practice to support better business practices.

“We’ve seen so many examples in recent years of governance failures at all levels – from big banks to small family companies. It’s our goal to arm business owners and executives with the skills and confidence they need to govern well. Ultimately, good business is good for employees, shareholders, customers and the community more broadly,” said GGI Founder and Managing Director Brad Sherringham. “Many people we work with don’t necessarily have time or the need for a full degree or MBA but do want the knowledge and confidence that a professionally recognised credential brings.”

Through a new partnership with DeakinCo. – a corporate division of Deakin University[1] – individuals completing GGI’s governance training program can now earn credentials in Driving strategic results, Financial acumen and Professional ethics that recognise their practical experience and skills.

“DeakinCo. welcomes the opportunity to embed outcome based Professional Practice credential assessment within the Global Governance Initiative program. This is an exciting opportunity to measure governance skills capabilities across the Australian business sector,” said Dr. Asheley Jones, Head of Professional Practice credentials at the launch today.

The partnership makes GGI’s Governex program the only online governance training in Australia to include an independent assessment of an individual’s skills through credentialing. GGI’s Brad Sherringham claims this also makes it the most practical training on the market.

“It’s perfect for those seeking training they can put into practice immediately,” he said. “We are thrilled to offer credentials that recognise real-life experience, verified by one of the world’s top universities.”

Since launching its online governance training program in 2018, the online format and small time investment of just 20-30 hours has proven popular with clients who are time poor or require flexibility to work their learning into already tight schedules.

DeakinCo. claims that while traditional long-form learning can be generalised, expensive and time-consuming, Professional Practice credentials such as those now offered through the GGI program provide a more personalised, efficient and cost-effective way to ensure skills are recognised, relevant and practical.

GGI’s Governex training program comprises six courses that can be completed online, where, when and how participants choose. For more information visit www.ggi.community

Caption: Dr. Asheley Jones, Head of Professional Practice, DeakinCo (L); and Brad Sherringham, Managing Director, Global Governance Initiative launch Australia’s first suite of credentials in Governance Practice.

[1] (CRICOS Provider: 00113B)

About Global Governance Initiative

 Global Governance Initiative (www.ggi.community) is a team of the most respected and experienced governance leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, all sharing in GGI’s purpose: To ensure all companies, regardless of size or financial ability, have access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance.

GGI offers a complete, well-priced governance training program that can be completed online where, when and how users choose on their preferred device, as well as tailored consulting. Current NPS customer ratings rank the program as ‘world-class’.

An introduction to governance, ‘Governance and You’ is available now by clicking here.

View GGI’s full course suite can be accessed here or visit www.ggi.community

GGI’s governance training program was developed to remove high fees and classroom time, which have been barriers preventing many from engaging. GGI’s program can be completed online, where when and how participants choose. The program, which contains video, podcasts, interactive exercises and engaging metaphors, is made up of six courses:

  • Purpose & Culture – why do you exist? How do you foster a board culture that empowers the organisation?
  • Integrity – demystifying the legal role of a director. The essence of a director’s role is integrity – integrity of responsibilities and behaviour.
  • Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship combines risk taking with strategy – it is the synergy of the two.
  • Society – how fine is the line between legal obligations and ethical principles? just because an organisation can, does that mean it should?
  • Prosperity – we’ll look at the role of a director in ensuring the prosperity of the business
  • Succeed – explore what it takes to develop a director career pathway and the contribution you can make in a governance role.
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