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Scholarship win to support ESG agenda. Ricky Bridge

“With my own career being very focused on the environment and sustainability, formal governance training will help me to improve my knowledge of what good governance looks like and how to influence positive change. This will strengthen my interactions with both board and executive teams, and further support the success of ESG initiatives I’m leading,”

Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia teams up with GGI

“As the incoming chair, with a reshaped Board, it was important to revisit and refresh our perspectives to ensure we all have a common foundation of understanding from which to take our organisation forward.”
– Alison Rowe, Chair, Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA)

Every business is a data business: are you prepared to govern it? (Annelies Moens)

Data is a core topic that leaders and managers must be across – and is an essential component of corporate governance. GGI affiliate and privacy expert Annelies Moens shares what you need to know.

GGI launches governance scholarship

“As a sustainability leader I recognised that the engagement I’d get from the board on important issues would be limited if it was not balanced by strong financial, risk and strategic considerations. Governance training will help me maximise the value of those important conversations.”

Governance for everyone

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What role would you like to  play in governance? Understand why corporate Governance is for everyone.

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There has never been a more important time to refresh your skills with the latest governance knowledge. Governex is online. Its your choice as to when, how and where you would like to update your skills.


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Governance for Executives


Governance is for everyone, not just boards and directors. Find out how you can play a role in governance.

Governance for everyone

Governance for the Organisation

Need to re balance your governance environment? Why not involve board and management in one simple process.


“Governex is the best value corporate governance training from the most experienced facilitators in the industry.”

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“Governance has always been a pillar for ISCA. As the incoming chair, with a reshaped Board, it was important to revisit and refresh our perspectives to ensure we all have a common foundation of understanding from which to take our organisation forward.”  Alison Rowe, Chair, Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA)

“A well structured and thought-provoking course. Great insights with interesting and informative real-world examples and relevant materials. I especially enjoyed the podcasts reflecting views of experienced practitioners.” Anthony Callinan Maralee, Governance Consultant

“Very engaging and professional with excellent examples and specialist inputs.” Mark Bayley Head of Institutional Fixed Income at FIIG Securities

“The course content is good and the format engaging.  The mixture of different media (audio, visual, reading, etc.) is good.” Peter Evans

“Excellent online package, a great way of learning.” Ted Nabung CEO HKCC

“The modules were excellent – they’re of a very high quality, using metaphors and interactive tools to bring the case studies and learnings to life. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to undertake governance training or refresh their knowledge, and look forward to working more closely with GGI going forward.” Ainsley Simpson CEO ISCA

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