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08th July 2019

Governance is everyone’s business: new product offers easier way to engage

Once upon a time, ‘what’ organisations did or achieved was the focus, but it’s no longer enough. The community, customers, employees and regulators are now asking ‘how’ business is being conducted and they expect that the behaviour of directors and executives holds up to scrutiny.

Global Governance Initiative (GGI) recently entered the tightly held governance education market and, with a determined focus on removing barriers to entry, is offering practical and accessible online governance training for current and aspiring directors and executives.

“The need for organisations to prove good conduct and ways of working has never been stronger, thanks to an increase of awareness, scrutiny and regulation flowing from the banking Royal Commission to other industries,” said GGI Founder and Managing Director Brad Sherringham. “Despite this, 90%[1] of businesses do not have adequate training in place to address it – a statistic that Global Governance Initiative is tackling with a new online governance training package.”

“Many organisations think that corporate governance is only a concern for large businesses and may lack awareness of what good governance looks like, why it matters and how to put it into practice. Yet the way organisations are governed influences the operation and success of every organisation – from sporting clubs and schools, to not-for-profits and large financial institutions.”

GGI’s governance training program was developed to remove high fees and classroom time, which have been barriers preventing many from engaging. GGI’s program can be completed online, where when and how participants choose. The program, which contains video, podcasts, interactive exercises and engaging metaphors, is made up of six courses:

  • Purpose & Culture – why do you exist? How do you foster a board culture that empowers the organisation?
  • Integrity – demystifying the legal role of a director. The essence of a director’s role is integrity – integrity of responsibilities and behaviour.
  • Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship combines risk taking with strategy – it is the synergy of the two.
  • Society – how fine is the line between legal obligations and ethical principles? just because an organisation can, does that mean it should?
  • Prosperity – we’ll look at the role of a director in ensuring the prosperity of the business
  • Succeed – explore what it takes to develop a director career pathway and the contribution you can make in a governance role.


An introduction to governance, ‘Governance and You’ is available now by clicking here.

View GGI’s full course suite can be accessed here or visit


[1] Based on GGI analysis of current membership of governance training organisations and size of potential market.

About Global Governance Initiative

 Global Governance Initiative ( is a team of the most respected and experienced governance leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, all sharing in GGI’s purpose: To ensure all companies, regardless of size or financial ability, have access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance.

GGI offers a complete, well-priced governance training program that can be completed online where, when and how users choose on their preferred device, as well as tailored consulting. Current NPS customer ratings rank the program as ‘world-class’.

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