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25th July 2019

New governance training program accessible for training of any board

From high profile director sackings and misuse of customer data, to deceiving shareholders and remuneration that rewards bad behaviour – recent cases have highlighted the need for better corporate governance – and more widespread practical training for boards – making it one of 2019’s hottest topics.

Global Governance Initiative (GGI) has launched an online governance training program for directors and executives. With 90% of boards currently untrained in how to govern well – often citing time and cost barriers – the course has been designed to be affordable, easy to access and flexible to complete on any device.

GGI’s in-house governance specialist, respected governance leader Andrew Donovan, claims that one of the most common misperceptions in business is that good governance is hard when it’s actually very easy.

“The problem is that the traditional approach to governance education has been more theoretical, making it difficult for people to walk away with a clear set of actions to implement in their business,” he said.

GGI’s practical course is outcome-focused around five key areas: Purpose & Culture, Integrity, Entrepreneurship, Society and Prosperity. It culminates in a final module designed to support current and aspiring directors to get ready for board positions.

Donovan claims that individuals and business generally equate corporate governance with compliance and liability – without recognising the performance, people and societal benefits that can follow.

“Taking the lead in ramping up their organisation’s governance practices is also a huge career opportunity for modern executives and directors,” he said.

GGI’s training program is the most flexible and accessible on the market and was this month acknowledged with a global LearnX Award, which recognise individuals, teams and organisations who have used technology to deliver value and significantly impact business results.


About Global Governance Initiative

Global Governance Initiative (GGI) was founded to ensure that every business, regardless of size or financial ability, has access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance.

GGI’s complete program costs $770 for an individual, with bundles available for teams. It can be completed where, when and how participants choose, on their preferred device. Complementing the course is GGI’s advisory service (currently available in Australia and New Zealand), which boasts both countries’ most experienced governance specialists.

An introduction to governance, ‘Governance and You’ is available now by clicking here.

View GGI’s full course suite can be accessed here or visit

GGI’s governance training program was developed to remove high fees and classroom time, which have been barriers preventing many from engaging. GGI’s program can be completed online, where when and how participants choose. The program, which contains video, podcasts, interactive exercises and engaging metaphors, is made up of six courses:

  • Purpose & Culture – why do you exist? How do you foster a board culture that empowers the organisation?
  • Integrity – demystifying the legal role of a director. The essence of a director’s role is integrity – integrity of responsibilities and behaviour.
  • Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship combines risk taking with strategy – it is the synergy of the two.
  • Society – how fine is the line between legal obligations and ethical principles? just because an organisation can, does that mean it should?
  • Prosperity – we’ll look at the role of a director in ensuring the prosperity of the business
  • Succeed – explore what it takes to develop a director career pathway and the contribution you can make in a governance role.
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