16th July 2019

Aussie-grown governance training picks up global award

Sydney-based Global Governance Initiative (GGI) has taken out Silver in the annual LearnX Live Awards for its new online governance training suite, coming in ahead of tight competition from across the globe.

The LearnX awards recognise and reward individuals, teams and organisations who have used technology to deliver value and significantly impact business results. LearnX says that every year the Awards uncover incredible projects and solutions that deliver best practice and business value.

GGI’s Founder and Managing Director Brad Sherringham said, “The GGI team was thrilled to be awarded Silver – especially against such broad competition and after launching just six months ago.”

According to Sherringham, governance can be considered ‘dry’ and out of reach – which is a perception that he claims is getting in the way of businesses reaping the benefits it offers.

“We spent two years researching, designing and writing the six courses in our suite. The priority was ensuring our content and format was really engaging so that governance could be accessible, practical and easy for people to ‘do’,” he said.

Respected governance specialist Andrew Donovan collaborated with GGI on the project, coordinating the course design and writing team. He has trained over 5000 Australian directors and is passionate about the learning suite, which he believes will raise awareness of governance and the value it adds. He also praised developers Pulse Learning for their work in bringing the vision to life.

“The Pulse team translated the content into a rich online learning experience that bridges the gap between theory and how to do governance. They did a brilliant job,” said Donovan.

GGI’s online corporate governance training program comprises six courses that can be completed online on participants’ preferred devices. Practical content has been designed to support current and aspiring executives and directors to make a positive difference to how their business is governed: from defining a strong purpose and establishing a strong cultural foundation; to leading with integrity, balancing risk and innovation, earning social licence and looking after the financial prosperity of the organisation.

The award will be presented to GGI at an awards ceremony at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne in October.

About Global Governance Initiative

 Global Governance Initiative (www.ggi.community) is a team of the most respected and experienced governance leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, all sharing in GGI’s purpose: To ensure all companies, regardless of size or financial ability, have access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance.

GGI offers a complete, well-priced governance training program that can be completed online where, when and how users choose on their preferred device, as well as tailored consulting. Current NPS customer ratings rank the program as ‘world-class’.

An introduction to governance, ‘Governance and You’ is available now by clicking here.

View GGI’s full course suite can be accessed here or visit www.ggi.community

GGI’s governance training program was developed to remove high fees and classroom time, which have been barriers preventing many from engaging. GGI’s program can be completed online, where when and how participants choose. The program, which contains video, podcasts, interactive exercises and engaging metaphors, is made up of six courses:

  • Purpose & Culture – why do you exist? How do you foster a board culture that empowers the organisation?
  • Integrity – demystifying the legal role of a director. The essence of a director’s role is integrity – integrity of responsibilities and behaviour.
  • Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship combines risk taking with strategy – it is the synergy of the two.
  • Society – how fine is the line between legal obligations and ethical principles? just because an organisation can, does that mean it should?
  • Prosperity – we’ll look at the role of a director in ensuring the prosperity of the business
  • Succeed – explore what it takes to develop a director career pathway and the contribution you can make in a governance role.
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