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Professional ethics is one of three credentials.

Credential Prices are specially priced for GGI clients.



Professional Practice credential*

Professional ethics

One of three credentials 

*It is recommended that Governex is completed before undertaking the Governance Practice credentials.

Governex governance training course outlines

Governex governance training course outlines



Review each of the Six Governex course outlines here.



Deakin Professional Practice credentials

Deakin Professional Practice credentials.

A suite of 3 Professional Practice credentials.

Learn more about the credentials here.

Review the candidate guide here.


GGI has partnered with DeakinCo. to embed Professional Practice credentials in the Governex program. Through the partnership, individuals completing GGI’s governance training program can now earn credentials in Driving strategic results, Financial acumen and Professional ethics recognising their experience as governance professionals. 
Deakin’s Professional Practice credentials recognise the experience and skills earned throughout your career. They are skill specific signals of achievement that allow you to have your capabilities recognised and independently verified.
“How will I be assessed by Deakin?”

“How will I be assessed by Deakin?”


Learn more about the assessment process here.


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