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Governex. Governance training, powered by DeakinCo.


Credential Prices are specially priced for GGI clients.


Key features of Australia and New Zealand’s first – and only – Governance training with a recognised Suite of Governance practice credentials. 

Complete: six courses | 2 hours tailored coaching | 3 Deakin credentials | Masters aligned | 30-40 hour commitment | 18 weeks to complete | All online | Practical evidence-based assessment

We designed our governance training program, Governex, to make governance training engaging, practical and accessible. Its flexible delivery, rich case studies and smooth flow of information are popular with SMEs, not-for-profits and business leaders at all levels.
GGI is the first governance training provider, to provide skills assessment and recognition to governance professionals going through the Governex program. 


What will you discover?

What will you discover?

Governex is not only concerned with the roles and duties of board directors, it is a comprehensive corporate governance training program. Throughout our six courses you’ll reflect on the way ‘to do’ corporate governance in your organisation – making this course the most practical in the market.
Upon completion of Governex you will be ready to:
  • Lead your organisation’s Entrepreneurial efforts (strategy and risk) by focusing on Purpose and Culture;
  • Understand the Integrity underpinning you and your board and how these influence your organisation’s governance process;
  • Focus your organisation’s Prosperity with the tools to evaluate financial performance; and
  • Build your skills to support your board and organisation to have a positive impact on society.
What to anticipate?

What to anticipate?

By completing the Governex suite of courses, business leaders will develop the requisite skills to not only understand, but influence and implement good governance in their organisation.

Through innovative digital storytelling and the use of interesting and sometimes amusing metaphors, reflection exercises throughout the course will leave you with a take on what needs to be improved and how to improve it.

 No matter what type of organisation you are involved in, we all strive for good governance.

The six courses in the Governex suite

Governex governance training course outlines

1. Purpose and Culture – everything starts with purpose and culture so we start your governance journey here;
2. Integrity – legal duty, integrity of responsibilities, integrity of behaviour;
3. Entrepreneurship – the relationship and balance between risk and strategy;
4. Prosperity – financial success and sustainability are key;
5. Society– just because an organisation can, does that mean it should; and
6. Succeed – attaining a role that aligns with your values, interests and abilities.



Review each of the Six Governex course outlines here.




Deakin Professional Practice credentials

Deakin Professional Practice credentials.

A suite of 3 Professional Practice credentials.

Learn more about the credentials here.

Review the candidate guide here.


GGI has partnered with DeakinCo. to embed Professional Practice credentials in the Governex program. Through the partnership, individuals completing GGI’s governance training program can now earn credentials in Driving strategic results, Financial acumen and Professional ethics recognising their experience as governance professionals. 
Deakin’s Professional Practice credentials recognise the experience and skills earned throughout your career. They are skill specific signals of achievement that allow you to have your capabilities recognised and independently verified.
“How will I be assessed by Deakin?”

“How will I be assessed by Deakin?”


Learn more about the assessment process here.



The GGI program, powered by DeakinCo., will provide the knowledge and tools that business owners, executives and directors can immediately put into practice to lead with confidence and the suite of credentials will assess and recognise skills critical to a governance professional. As you progress through the course, you will be required to complete tasks based on the learning in order to collect evidence you can use for your credential submission. You will be asked to provide real life examples and evidence of experience – in both video and written format – to demonstrate your skills.
 The credentials can be earned individually or together as a suite called Governance Practice.

Governance and Career Coaching

As part of the package we also include 2 hours of coaching. This can be tailored to your objectives:

  • You can chose to use this to discuss issues through the course; and/or;
  • Use the time to discuss your career options.

As the course is delivered online the coaching will usually be by phone or video link with one of GGI’s highly respected team of governance specialists. 

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What's on Offer

What's on offer... the full Governex program and Deakin Professional Practice suite

Six courses | 2 hours tailored coaching | 3 Deakin credentials  | Masters aligned | 30-40 hours commitment | 18 weeks to complete | All online | No exams | Practical evidence-based assessment

Governex statement of completion

The only masters-aligned online governance training available in Australia and New Zealand.



Professional Practice credential assessment

“DeakinCo. welcomes the opportunity to embed outcome based Professional Practice credential assessment within the Global Governance Initiative program. This is an exciting opportunity to measure governance skills capabilities across the Australian business sector,"  Dr. Asheley Jones, Head of Professional Practice credentials.


Deakin’s Professional Practice credentials recognise the experience and skills earned throughout your career. They are skill specific signals of achievement that allow you to have your capabilities recognised and independently verified.
 Feedback from successful candidates tells us that credentials help the bearer to be more confident about their capabilities. Credentials also signal to employers and industry that you have proof of your capabilities, including those key skills that have not always been easy to measure and demonstrate.


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