How to Become a Master Communicator by Following This One Rule

If you’re ever speaking with strangers at a networking event and want to identify the most successful person in the group, don’t look to the “biggest” talker. Why? Read More

1. Be the last to speak.

When Nelson Mandela was young, he learned a valuable lesson from the gatherings where the leaders of his village discussed important matters. Despite the fact that Mandela’s father was the tribal chief, the son couldn’t help noticing that his father was always the last person to speak.

As a leader, if you speak first, you’re likely to affect what others believe.Read More

At GGI we have explored Director success in our Succeed course in depth. As part of this module we help you develop a director career pathway and the contribution you can make in a governance role. You’ll consider the fundamental part your leadership style plays in your unique influence, and how adapting it and using emotional acuity are essential director skills. At the end of the course, you’ll develop your director profile so you are ready to apply for board roles. We’ll also discuss how to network genuinely to seek opportunities and contribute to your industry.


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