Supporting current and aspiring directors

In early March GGI announced six scholarships to support current and aspiring directors with their governance education.


Introducing GGI Governance Training Scholarship recipient Ricky Bridge

Congratulations to Ricky Bridge who has recently been named one of Global Governance Initiative’s inaugural scholarship recipients.

Ricky is currently Group General Manager Environment and Sustainability at Australia and New Zealand’s leading service provider, Downer Group, and is also Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of the Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School.

According to Ricky, industry commitment to environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) priorities has improved greatly in recent years, with many organisations’ boards being both strong and highly engaged. And this has made him consider the value he brings to the table as both an executive and a board member.

Governance Scholarship win to support ESG agenda

“With my own career being very focused on the environment and sustainability, formal governance training will help me to improve my knowledge of what good governance looks like and how to influence positive change. This will strengthen my interactions with both board and executive teams, and further support the success of ESG initiatives I’m leading,” he said.

With external factors increasingly driving organisational commitment to ESG priorities, Ricky knows he has a busy time ahead and is planning to use governance training as part of his preparation.

“There is now quite convincing data that investors are bringing their personal values to the table when making investment decisions. This has seen increasing scrutiny of ESG commitments and initiatives, and organisations will need to have a clear purpose and be prepared to adapt operations in the future,” he said.

“But the changes ahead don’t have to be all or nothing. Looking for opportunities to diversify within existing markets will be key. This could bring exciting innovations as businesses recalibrate against ESG priorities as the world transitions to a low carbon economy. It’s no longer enough to provide shareholder returns, businesses have to show that they’ve done so with consideration for the business, employees, stakeholders, community and the environment.”

Ricky has already completed the first of six courses in GGI’s Governex governance training program, Purpose & Culture. He is completing one course per month around his work commitments and is enjoying the flexibility and convenience of learning on the device of his choice when and where he chooses.

GGI’s purpose: To ensure all businesses, regardless of size or financial ability, have access to leading governance tools and resources to support performance.


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