Governex Lite program. Five course governance overview with reflection exercises.


Governance Training course

5 courses | Masters aligned  | 2-3 hours commitment | All Online | Working case study.

Governance lite Training course 

5 courses | Masters level  | 2-3 hours commitment | All Online | No exams.

GGI has designed Governex lite for those that are time poor or just need an introduction to governance that covers all aspects.  Whether you are a board member or executive, this course is suitable for you and most relevant for SME's, Not for profit's and Business Owner's in our mission to make governance accessible to all. 

What will you Discover?

Governex lite is not only concerned with the roles and duties of board directors, it is a comprehensive corporate governance training program. Throughout our six courses you'll reflect on the way ‘to do’ corporate governance in your organisation - making this course the most practical in the market.

 What to anticipate?

By completing the Governex lite suite of courses, executives and directors will develop the requisite skills to not only understand, but influence and implement good governance in their organisation. Through innovative digital storytelling and the use of interesting and sometimes amusing metaphors, reflection exercises throughout the course will leave you with a take on what needs to be improved and how to improve it. No matter what type of organisation you are involved in, we all strive for good governance.

The five courses in the Governex lite suite (Course outline):

  1. Purpose and Culture - everything starts with purpose and culture so we start your governance journey here;
  2. Integrity – legal duty, integrity of responsibilities, integrity of behaviour;
  3. Entrepreneurship - the relationship and balance between risk and strategy;
  4. Prosperity - financial success and sustainability are key;
  5. Society- just because an organisation can, does that mean it should.

What you Get:

Governex Badge

Governex lite completion recognition

GGI issued badge that can be attached to your online profile.

5 courses | Masters level | 2-3 hours commitment | All Online | No exams

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Time to complete

The time to complete the entire course is 20-30 hours depending on the time allocated for self reflection exercises and additional recommended reading.

Learning outcomes

After completing each module you will have a broad idea of the following areas;
Culture and purpose