Want a Killer Culture Like the Top Tech Firms? Start Some Company Rituals (Entrepreneur)

A recent Blind survey revealed that LinkedIn has the happiest employees in tech, with 83.25 percent of the company’s employees reporting they’re happy at their job.

It’s worth taking a look at LinkedIn’s corporate culture, which is enlivened by an assortment of event-based company rituals. In addition to hosting regular speaker series and wellness events, the networking giant hosts weekly gatherings for its employees like “Beers for My Peers”.

Culture will happen…no matter what. Make yours takes shape in a way that fuels employee loyalty by adding well-placed, well-conceived events to the mix.

At GGI we have explored Culture in our Purpose and Culture course in depth. Culture should be consciously created through the collective values and beliefs your organisation is built on. How can governance professionals contribute to good culture?


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