Purpose and Culture: Do you waiver from your purpose and values?

As a leader it is often difficult to follow the right path to protect and enhance your purpose and values.

PepsiCo, Unilever, Mayo Clinic, US Bancorp

“Nooyi, Polman, Noseworthy, and Davis ultimately set the new standard of leadership in this era, never wavering from their purpose and values. They became role models for the business community by serving society through their organizations, strengthening their companies and communities at the same time..” Read More
The world needs good corporate governance leadership.

What is your company’s purpose and what do you choose to be?

At GGI we have explored Purpose and Culture in our courses in depth. As part of our determination of who we are, we choose to be an aspiring B Corp organisation as part of our Purpose. “Being a B Corp is less about the legal definition and more a statement about who we are as a company”.


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