At its core, a director’s role is all about integrity.

The duties of directors are often described as complex and onerous based on long established duties and conventions. But boards must also turn to legal guidance about their obligations. While a lawyer provides guidance and help, a board ultimately takes responsibility for the decisions.

Throughout these episodes, we aim to demystify the legal role of a director. The essence of a director’s role is integrity – integrity of responsibilities and integrity of behaviour.

This course is not a replacement for legal advice, nor will it address all aspects of director duties. Instead, it will provide answers to important questions:

  • Why do director duties exist?
  • What do they mean?
  • What are the impacts?

These are the foundational issues upon which director duties rest and personal integrity is measured. A board’s role in addressing broader legal obligations and societal expectations is covered in the Society course.

All this information and more is in the following short, informative episodes on Integrity.

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