In entrepreneurship, it doesn’t get much more mission critical than strategy and risk.

Entrepreneurship combines risk taking with risk shaping – it is the synergy of the two. Sometimes there’s more risk in the role, sometimes more strategy.

Traditionally, strategy and risk are often treated as independent of each other. At GGI we think they are best understood as ‘two sides of the same coin’, having an inexorable relationship with each other.

Without a well-defined and communicated strategy, you simply don’t have a plan for where your organisation is going and are unlikely to achieve your goals. Without a clear understanding of risk, your organisation will be ill prepared to respond when unexpected challenges arise.

As a governance professional, you innovate, adapt and make decisions through an entrepreneurial lens to grow and develop your organisation. Risk must be considered for every strategy decision, as all decisions that include a risk component will have an impact or relationship to the company strategy.

In this course, you’ll learn established governance practices including strategic planning and risk management. We’ll look at key trends and contemporary thought leadership for successful entrepreneurship.

All of this and more has been organised into the following short, informative episodes that are ready when you are. Get set to explore entrepreneurship.

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