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Seeking Helpful Tools for Good Corporate Guidance? Try Governex

Are you seeking useful and informative tools for good corporate governance? Whether you are an individual trying to make yourself a more valuable job candidate by mastering governance or a corporate CEO trying to instil an understanding of governance throughout your organisation, we can help. Our organisation, Global Governance Initiative (GGI) launched in January 2019 with a mission of making quality corporate governance resources more readily available to businesses and individuals alike. If you are trying to assemble a corporate governance toolkit, our corporate governance training module—called Governex—is the ideal place to start.

What Sets GGI Apart Regarding Tools for Corporate Governance

When seeking out corporate governance tools, your goal might be to find an effortless, automatic solution to implementing smart governance practices in your organisation. In truth, there is no shortcut for corporate governance. The only way to do it well is to learn how to apply corporate governance in your organisation. A training program in the vein of Governex, therefore, absolutely needs to be one of your tools for corporate governance. Here are some of the factors that make GGI the ideal source for these tools:

The Initiative

We provide everything you need: We’ve built out Governex as a six-course program packed with information. Each course builds on previous modules while also being specifically focused on one particular piece of the governance puzzle. We don’t sell these courses a la carte. Instead, we package them together and sell them for one price: $710 standard; less if you have more than five participants. Said another way, we give you everything you need upfront to master governance and its key concepts.

The Initiative

We allow continued access to our tools: Just because you’ve worked through the Governex courses doesn’t mean you have internalised every bit of information. A unique aspect of GGI is that we let customers retain access to their courses forever so that they can go back and use course materials as references or work through the course again as a refresher.

The Initiative

We focus on areas that many others ignore: Many corporate governance training programs ignore factors such as organisational purpose, company culture and social licence. We believe these concepts are crucial to governance as a whole and spend ample time on them in our courses.

The Benefits of Working with GGI

Why should you make GGI a vital part of your organisation’s corporate governance toolkit? Here are a few reasons:

  • We love sharing information: We like to think of GGI as a ‘generous provider of information.’ That’s part of the reason that we structure the Governex courses as we do—all affordable and bundled together. We want businesses and professionals to understand governance because we think it will lead to a more prosperous business world and economy as a whole. Our FAQ section is almost a mini corporate governance course all on its own, simply because we think this information should be more accessible than it has been in the past.
  • You can tap us as an advisory source: Governex offers a wealth of corporate governance tools and templates, but if you need more, we can help. We provide advisory services to organisations that need hands-on assistance in establishing effective governance strategies.

Why Trust GGI Regarding Tools for Good Corporate Governance

At GGI, we spent more than two years writing and crafting our Governex courses into the perfect tools for corporate governance. Put simply; we care about the validity and value of the information we share, as well as about the individuals and businesses with which we share it. You can trust us as a key partner in your quest for superior corporate governance. Contact us today to learn more.

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