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Governance Articles

Corporate Governance Articles & Knowledgebase

Read corporate governance articles and information. Curated articles from around the web to improve you and your teams understanding of good governance, what is means, how to implement and how to best improve your company and internal governance.

Seeking Helpful Tools for Good Corporate Guidance? Try Governex

Are you seeking useful and informative tools for good corporate governance? Whether you are an individual trying to make yourself a more valuable job candidate by mastering governance or a corporate CEO trying to instil an understanding of governance throughout your organisation, we can help. Our organisation, Global Governance Initiative (GGI) launched in January 2019 with a mission of making quality corporate governance resources more readily available to businesses and individuals alike. If you are trying to assemble a corporate governance toolkit, our corporate governance training module—called Governex—is the ideal place to start.

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Purchase Corporate Governance Training for Individuals or Businesses

At Global Governance Initiative (GGI), our goal is no less ambitious than reshaping the world of corporate governance training. Smart governance strategies are at the foundation of every successful business or organisation. They preserve the interests of stakeholders, give the organisation’s objectives and goals a clear framework, drive smart management, enable growth and help assure regulatory compliance. We want every organisation, big and small, to have access to the finest governance training and tools. Through our Governex platform, we are doing our part to provide that access.

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Introducing Our New Company Directors Course

Global Governance Initiative (GGI), developed a new company directors course that teaches you about

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Providing Award-Winning Corporate Governance Services in Australia

If you don’t fully understand how governance impacts the performance of 

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15 Ways To Start A Conversation At A Conference

15 Ways To Start A Conversation At A Conference

In a room full of people, but feeling really alone. It’s as if everyone else has no qualms talking to new people, but that’s rarely the case. While for some this might be their natural habitat, for most it’s not. They’ve simply learned strategies to overcome this challenge. And now, so can you.

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