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Company Directors Course

Purpose of GGI

Introducing Our New Company Directors Course

Global Governance Initiative (GGI), developed a new company directors course that teaches you about the fundamentals of good corporate governance. It’s no secret that how you govern your company has a direct impact on your business performance. Find out how our courses can help you by reading below.

The Benefits of Our Board of Directors Training Course

Here are three benefits associated with our board of directors training course:

The Initiative

Understand the synergy between risk and strategy: Many businesses treat risk and strategy independently of each other. At GGI, we know that risk and strategy are two sides of the same coin. Our courses teach directors how to create a comprehensive communication strategy to achieve their company goals and understand how to respond to unexpected challenges.

The Initiative

Determine the difference between ethical principles and legal obligations: If your business is legally allowed to perform an activity, should you do it? You need to know what your customers and society consider to be ethical so that you can retain your perceived legitimacy and remain ahead of your competitors. We’ll teach your board of directors about drawing similarities and understanding the differences between legal obligations and ethical principles in our award-winning Governex course.

The Initiative

Develop a company culture: You should consciously create the culture within your business. You need to understand your company’s higher purpose to develop an effective governance strategy. Our materials teach you how to foster a culture that empowers your organisation. We also detail the role of the board of directors regarding the governance of your business’s purpose and culture.

What Sets GGI Apart Regarding Its Company Directors Course?

We may be a new player in our industry, but we’re not new to the world of governance. We aim to set the standard for other governance course provides by:

  • Being an active rather than reactive partner: Instead of gradually correcting or altering your governance processes in response to business outcomes, we teach companies how to implement a governance strategy that aligns with their goals, helping you save time and money while always showing your business in its best light.
  • Making our courses comprehendible: Our lessons are concise, easy to understand and useful in the real world. They’re also detailed enough to ensure your board of directors gain all the required knowledge to implement workable governance guidelines. Our courses are engaging, entertaining and – most importantly – up to date with the latest information on today’s best practices.
  • Ensuring our materials are accessible: Are courses are not only competitively priced but also available on any device with an internet connection. We’ve designed our lessons to be easy to follow and understand on desktops and handheld devices. You can find the information you require within seconds, and we continually update our materials to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Why GGI Is Cost-Effective

We started our organisation with a mission to address the current problems surrounding corporate governance. We believe that no competitor offers the same level of customer care as us. If you want to learn more about our values or have any questions about our courses, we encourage you to get in touch today.

A new approach to governance

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